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Trim Tab Training, 4 – 7 Sept, Basel, Switzerland

This training is for those that want to gain insight into the deeper and often hidden mechanisms of change and transformation. By accessing efficient approaches and tools for personal transformation this course helps individuals unlock leadership capacities. Read More

Mindshift Integral is offering a 4 days intensive training on ”Personal Transformation, Insight and Leadership, 4-7 September, 2014, Basel, Switzerland

This training help participants get in insights into hidden assumptions and thought patterns, and those mechanisms of change and transformation. The training provide an approach that guides participants to unlock the potential there is in gaining personal power and integrity. The course is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal changes that are most important to them, and make the connection between personal and system change. Gaining insights into the deeper and often hidden mechanisms of change and resistance and adaptive pushback can be a powerful means for approaching global change.

The course uses methods and materials that can be seen through the lenses of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory or Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work and other transformative processes, tools and methods.

For more information visit the webpage of Mindshift Integral or get in contact with Anne Caspari (anne@nullmindshift-integral.com).

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