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UGEC Conference, 6-8 Nov, Taiwan

The research community on urbanization and global environmental change is gathering at this large international conference in Taiwan. From diverse perspective the Century of the City will be discussed in relation to global challenges. Read More

UGEC is organizing its 2nd international conference on “Urban transitions & transformations: science, synthesis and policy” in Taipai, Taiwan, November 6-8, 2014.

Well into the Century of the City, this conference asks the central question: How can we capture the benefits and opportunities of urbanization, whilst mitigating the negative effects, in order to sustainably transform our urban future? The cities are the loci for a number of environmental problems including air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and clean water accessibility. At the same time the cities are centers off innovation, education, collective solutions, education, and economic opportunities. With the majority of future growth expected to take place in urban areas, cities are critical components in the transformations to sustainability.

This conference aims towards synthesis the knowledge on urban and global environmental change nexus, and reflect on the key lessons learned. It also aims towards identifying transformative pathways for urban areas. Three themes will guide the conversations at the conference:

  • Theme 1: Urbanization patterns and processes;
  • Theme 2: Urban responses to climate change: Adaptation, mitigation and transformation; and
  • Theme 3: Global environmental change, urban health and well-being.

Visit the 2nd UGEC International Conference webpage to get more information.

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