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Free online-course for change leaders

Metaintegral Academy is organizing the free online mini-course on "Vital skills for thriving in a wild, complex world", October 13-16, 2014. The course is for those change leaders who looks for inspiration, tools and approaches to navigate complex change and unlock deep capacities. Read More

This course is for change leaders at all levels that want to learn more about how to approach complex challenges and effective solutions. The course gives participants tools and practices to enhanced leadership capacities; including being more engaged with the challenges; being more capable of tuning into intuitive insights and adapting accordingly; being more capable to separating out what is truly important  and creating approaches to cultivate a vision; being more capable of enrolling the support of others, and enact those deeper purpose and strengthen motivation to engage in the world.

The course consists of three modules and they are thought by leading experts on sustainability, integral theory, leadership, corporate strategy and organizational transformation:

Module 1: Power and Grace: Using Complexity thinking and Intuitive Inquiry to Navigate these Turbulent Times, with Barrett C. Brown.

Module 2: From Taking a Stand to Inspiring Shared Action: The Art of Integral Enrollment, with Sean Esbj├Ârn-Hargens and Dana Carman

Module 3: Integration: Putting it all Together to Thrive in a Wild, Complex World, with┬áSean Esbj├Ârn-Hargens, Barrett C. Brown, ┬áDana Carman, Jesse McKay and Danielle Conroy.

It is truism that the world and its problems are growing more complex every day. It┬┤s also true that effective solutions aren┬┤t keeping pace and that it┬┤s harder then ever for change leaders to have impact, Ominously, the gap is widening. What does this pretend for the future?

For more information about the mini-course please visit the MetaIntegral webpages. The registration is now open.

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