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Generation of the New Economy – Youth Economics Festival

Schumacher College in Devon, UK, will be hosting the "Generation of the New Economy – Youth Economics Festival", April 13 – 18, 2015. This is an event aimed at young people who are currently thinking about and working on the new economy.Read More

This exciting one week event will gather youth from Europe and beyond to explore developments at the cutting edge of economics, challenging old paradigms and diving deep into imagining new ways of organising our economies and communities. The participants will work in a highly collaborative environment with space for setting agendas and self-organization. It is expected to be rallying point for the mobilisation and empowerment of the new generation who are blazing innovative trails. Contributors to the course includes: David Graeber, Molly Scott Cato, Rob Hopkins and Jonathan Dawson.

The organizers are offering at least 20 young people the opportunity to participate with a full or partial bursary. The call for applications are now open and you can download the application form this website.

Schumacher College is organizing this event in association with the Transition Network, the New Economy Organisers Network and CEMUS. Read more about the course on the Schumacher College webpage.

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