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Transformative Knowledge Workshop

Talks on social transformations held at the ISSC workshop in Potsdam in mid-November 2014 are now available. In these talks the social science knowledge base on transformation is presented from different perspectives. Also learn more about the ISSC Transformation to Sustainability Program. Read More

The first of a series of annual Transformative Knowledge Workshops took place in Potsdam, 17-19 November, 2014. The workshop was organized by the International Social Science Council (ISSC), under the Transformation to Sustainability Program.

The talks held at the workshop is now available and can be listened to here.

The workshop gathered 38 projects that have been awarded seed money from the first round of funding from the Transformation Program to building knowledge partnerships. This funding has been provided to these projects to allow researchers to prepare for the main call for proposal (to be launched in mid-December 2014). In addition the workshop hosted invited experts on social transformation, including the Steering Committee of the Transformation Program.

The overall aim of the workshop was to lay the foundation and inform the development for the global Transformations Knowledge Trust that is being developed through the Transformations Program at the ISSC. Specifically the workshop aimed at:

  • Bring existing knowledge, theory, insights and inspiration to Transformations Programme proposals in development;
  • Establish an initial basis of what we know about transformation in the context of global environmental change and sustainability, to be able to assess progress in pushing forward the knowledge frontiers during the life of the Transformations Programme through internationally comparative research;
  • Create a multi-disciplinary conversation among participants and provide an opportunity to explore research conducted in an inter- and trans-disciplinary way;
  • Immerse participants in the interconnected challenges of transformation, global change and sustainability;
  • Introduce potential and confirmed donors/funders to the Transformations Programme.

About the ISCC Transformation Program
The Transformations to Sustainability Programme aims to build scientific understanding of transformative social change in the face of global change and sustainability. In particular it seeks to increase the contributions from social sciences towards developing sustainable and equitable solutions to global problems and increase the use of this knowledge by policy makers, practitioners, the private sector, citizens and activists.

The Transformations to Sustainability Programme will support at least 3 Transformative Knowledge Networks. The funding comes from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) for an initial period of 4 years (2014- 2017), in addition financial support will be sought from other donors. The ISSC anticipates implementing the main call in December for Transformative Knowledge Network proposals in partnership with the Belmont Forum. Selected Transformative Knowledge Networks will each receive up to €300,000 per year over a 3-year period.

Read more about the ISSC Transformation to Sustainability Program and the calls for proposal.

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