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Climate Festival in Norway

Manifestations of climate change and the lack of political will is increasingly mobilizing people around the world. This is also happening in oil rich Norway. In the Climate Festival §112 people around the country are invited to learn more about climate change and solutions. Read More

The Climate Festival § 112 is taking place 30. December-11. January in Norway in several cities. The festival is a public mobilisation with voluntieries and a broad representation projects and initatives. The aim of creating arenas for sharing knowledge and dialogues on what is happening, what individueal can do and what we can do as a collective.

The motivation for the festival is to increase the awareness about climate change and potential solutions. The backdrop of the festival is manifestations of dangerous climate change, continued search and extractions of Norwegian fossil fuels reserves, and a powerful article in the constitution. Article 112 of Norway’s Constitution serves as a environment-clause providing legal protection for future generations, and  Article 112 was unanimously included in the Norwegian Constitution by Parliament in 1992/ 2014. Norway remains one of the very few countries in the world that has adopted such potent legal provisions for their young and yet unborn citizens:

«Every person has a right to an environment that is conducive to health and to a natural environment whose productivity and diversity are maintained. Natural resources should be managed on the basis of comprehensive long-term considerations whereby this right will be safeguarded for future generations as well. In order to safeguard their right in accordance with the foregoing paragraph, citizens are entitled to information on the state of the natural environment and on the effects of any encroachment on nature that is planned or carried out. The authorities of the State shall issue specific provisions for the implementation of these principles.» (official translation of Article 112 of Norway’s Constitution)

cCHANGE is participating in the Climate Festival §112! In this clip Karen O´Brien talk about fear and hope in a changing climate. Also we will be participating in the Soup Sunday, 11 January, at the Food Market in Oslo, both with a public speech on the link between food and global environmental change, and of course soup making. Read more about the Climate Festival §112 here (only in Norwegian).

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