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Course: Leading change by Leading Self

In this two day leadership course participants will learn and experience the importance of self and personal change in dealing with hyper-complex problems such as for example climate change. Takes place 4-5 June, 2015 in Stockholm. Read More

The Course “Leading change by Leading Self” will take place 4-5 June 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. This two day┬ácourse is for┬ápeople in different positions that have that in common that they are working in rather complex environments with change processes. Participants should be familiar with some of the latest tools, models and approaches ranging from Agile methods to Holacracy, networked organizations, Integral Theory, Systems Thinking and Self Organizing teams.

Recognizing that “The success of our actions as change-makers does not depend on what we do or how we do it, but on the inner place from which we operate” (Sharmer, 2013), this course is a marshal arts course that gives insights into how inner states affects external actions. By leading self one can become more equipped to tackle complex problems.

The course make use of methods and materials that can be associated with┬áKen WilberÔÇÖs Integral Theory, Otto ScharmerÔÇÖs U-Theory or Robert KeganÔÇÖs Immunity to Change work.

The course will be lead by Anne Caspari and Johann Entz Von Zerssen from Mindshift Integral, and hosted by Crisp. Please visit the Crisp homepage to register and get more information.

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