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Report: Collaboration for new growth

This report looks at the kind of leadership needed to make collaborations succeed in times of complex global challenges. It builds on in-depth interviews with 39 leaders who have a track record of creating successful collaborations. Read More

The imperative behind this report is that the social and environmental challenges facing us can not be dealt with one organization or sector alone. The problems are so complex and interconnected, and the scale and speed of deliberate transformations called for, is such that systemic responses and collaboration is essential.

Everthing today is about building a story that people belive in and that people can be involved and engaged in (António Mexia, CEO, Energias de Portugal)

Replacing competition with collaboration will not happen over night. It will require establishing trust and shared propose across diverse interests.

This report tap into ongoing collaborative projects to learn and build on these experiences. Collaborative leaders across many sectors, including government, business, academia and the military have been contributing with their insights in this report.

The report has been prepared by Xyntéo and Royal Dutch Shell and it can be downloaded here.

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