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Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development

In this recent report, researchers in the Cultural Sustainability network, highlights the importance of integrating culture as a key element of sustainable development through a multidisciplinary perspective. Read More

Emphasizing the role of culture and cultural values in the context of environmental concern, the report “Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development” acknowledge the need for culture to gain a more central and transformative role in the development towards a sustainable future.

Culture, as an ensemble of tangible vectors of social life, comprises a natural dimension. It is this dimension that should be resurrected in order to strengthen and make more tangible the role of culture in sustainable development (Constanza Parra, in Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development)

ICS sees culture as being at the root of all human decisions and actions, and that with new ways of thinking this awareness can allow for culture and sustainability to become mutually intertwined, which will make the distinctions between the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability fade.

The report Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development is a result of the ICS´ conclusions from the Cost Action IS1007. The document is edited by Joost Dessein, Katriina Soini, Graham Fairclough and Lummina Horlings, and is available online.

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