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Course: Leading change by Leading Self

Are you a coach or a leader who want to learn more about the deeper and often hidden mechanisms of leadership and change? Join this two day full immersion training in Stockholm, Sweden, from 30 September till 1 October, 2015. Read More

Leading change by Leading SelfĀ is a course for thoseĀ familiar with the latest tools, models and approaches ranging from Agile methods to Holacracy, networked organizations, Integral Theory, Systems Thinking and Self Organizing teams, butĀ still experience difficulties in getting expected results and leading change in highly complex environments.

How can I:
– grasp the complexity in the organization and know what decisions are best?
– inspire others to action and make them think in new ways?
– sense what is possible in the future?
– create the future I want for my clients and for myself?

Otto Scharmer, MIT, gives us a key insight: ā€œThe success of our actions as change-makers does not depend onĀ whatĀ we do orĀ howĀ we do it, but on theĀ inner placeĀ from which we operateā€.

This is like the Master in martial arts who knows that external actions will only be as good as the internal state, and that developing our inner world is just as important as developing our skills and toolbox.Ā The key to increasing our impact and becoming true Masters of our trade is to ā€˜upgradeā€™ our inner world to make it fit for the hyper-complex environments we work in. This is the ā€œaikido moveā€ of self leadership. This course will let you explore your inner world and perform some truly spectacular ā€œaikido movesā€, which will greatly help you in your job and in other parts of your life.

Method: The course speaks to the participantsĀ own level of expertise and takes place in a safe and light environment. It uses methods and materials that can be seen through the lenses of Ken Wilberā€™s Integral Theory, Otto Scharmerā€™s U-Theory or Robert Keganā€™s Immunity to Change work. They can also be cross-referenced with other more intuitive transformative processes, tools and methods.

Learning outcomes:Ā insight into the deeper, most hidden mechanisms of self leadership and change;Ā respond with more agility in complex challenges;Ā see more options and take better decisions;Ā strengthen your personal authority and control over what you want to achieve; andĀ go from effectively leading yourself to effectively leading others.

The course is lead by Anne Caspari and Johann Entz-von Zerssen and it is hosted by Crisp in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about the course and register on the Crisp homepage.

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