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Hands On – Women, Climate, Change

In this documentary, five women from four continents demonstrate their unique ways of dealing with climate change through specific type of actions, producing the much needed "hands-on" strategies in local environments around the world. Read More

The women portrayed in this documentary are working on issues related to both gender and climate change, which is reflected in the directors aim to illuminate the intersections between women, climate and strategies for change.

Emphasizing the role of social relationships, the directors main purpose was to include people who respond to challenges in both individual and collective forms, represent those who are most impacted, involve young communicators, and deploy a ”hands on” approach.

”Local directors know the local landscapes, languages and the stories that need to be told and they have networks to get the story out once its finished. In our case, five directors meant five times more outreach to audiences around the world.” Elizabeth Miller, one of the directors of Hands On

The project is supported by The International Association of Women in Radio and Television, an association whose aim is to strengthen, ensure and advance women’s participation in media.

Watch the documentary online, or read more about the project here.

Picture of Silje Lundberg, leader of Nature and Youth.

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