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Activating youth agency to lead change

Around 40 young people came together in Oslo in December to explore their potential for becoming climate change leaders. The result was two days of inspiration and stories of change.Read More

The Climate Change Youth Leadership Workshop took place 14-15 December, at MESH Norway, in Oslo. The two-day workshop gathered youth and young people from diverse backgrounds and places, including ¬†Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Troms√ł, Egersund, Flekke and even some participants from abroad.

The workshop was organized by cCHANGE in collaboration with science communicators Michelle Kovacevic, Sarah Dickson-Hoyle and Gabrielle Schittecatte. The workshop was aimed at youth and young adults (ages 16-30)  interested in leading transformations to sustainability, providing them with  tools and skills for effectively communicating and engaging society with climate change solutions.

Activities such as practicing to tell a story and pitch a project, as well as learning about different values, worldviews and beliefs, aimed at activating the agency of youth to become leaders of positive change.

The participants worked in groups to develop solutions to transformation challenges based on their own interests.

developing ideas
One idea was a festival aiming to raise awareness about the relationship between climate change and human well-being.

Another group worked on a project about rooftop gardens in cities. By developing ideas in small groups and pitching them to a  larger audience, the participants learnt to develop and communicate their own climate change projects from start to end.

The participants were between ages 16 and 30, and came from a wide-range of background and places.

The¬†Student Parliament at UiO¬†‚ÄúLecturer of the Year 2015‚ÄĚ prize awarded to Karen O¬īBrien sparked the idea for and provided the start-up funds for the workshop. In addition the workshop is funded¬†by cCHANGE, the Voices of the Future Project at University of Oslo, and the United States Embassy¬†in Oslo.

A fuller news report on the workshop will be available in January.

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