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Dialogue: You matter more than you think

This Friday cCHANGE welcomes you to a dialogue on what role individuals play in transformations. The event is part of Klimafestivalen §112, a nation-wide festival in Norway that draws attention the climate change issue and potential solutions.Read More

In the cCHANGE-dialogue «Du betyr mer enn du tror» (You matter more than you think), participants from our cCHALLENGE experiment will discuss the link between personal change and systems change.

cCHALLENGE is a tool for participants to better understand both the personal and political dimensions of change. By experimenting with changes in their own lives, participants will reflect on the challenge of change, including relationships between individuals and the systems in which we operate.

We are pleased to have social entrepeneur Anne Dubrau and model and environmentalist Enok Groven in our panel, together with climate researcher and cCHANGE founder, Karen O’Brien. The dialogue will be led by Mina Saunte of For.andre.

Hope to see you at Litteraturhuset, Friday January 22, at 15.00.

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