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What is your worldview?

Worldviews are the very foundation for how we view global problems and solutions. Take a 7 minute worldview-test, developed by Annik de Witt, and learn more about your own worldview.Read More

Worldview are powerful in that they shape the way we see and operate in life, and they are indicators of where we are both individually and collectively. Understanding the role of worldview and their evolvement is vital for addressing global challenges. As new awareness for sustainability and equity emerge, new worldview are created, bringing new innovative solutions and collaborations.

Annick de Witt has been researching the role of worldviews and culture for global sustainability for many years and she has been particular focused on operationalizing the worldview concept both in research and practice.ย ๎€ฒ๎๎€ด๎€ฐ๎ƒ๎€ธ๎…๎€ธ๎ƒ๎ˆ ๎€ฐ๎€ฝ๎€ณ ๎€ฒ๎€ฐ๎€ฟ๎€ฐ๎€ฒ๎€ธ๎ƒ๎ˆ ๎€พ๎€ต ๎‚๎€พ๎€ฒ๎€ธ๎€ฐ๎€ป ๎€ธ๎€ฝ๎€ฝ๎€พ๎…๎€ฐ๎ƒ๎€ธ๎€พ๎€ฝ๎€„ ๎‚๎€ธ๎€ฝ๎€ฒ๎€ด ๎ƒ๎€ท๎€ฐ๎ƒ ๎€ฝ๎€พ๎ƒ๎€ธ๎€พ๎€ฝ ๎๎€ณ๎€พ๎€ด๎‚ ๎€ฝ๎€พ๎ƒ ๎‚๎€ฟ๎€ด๎€ฒ๎€ธ๎€ต๎ˆย ๎†๎€ท๎€ฐ๎ƒ ๎€บ๎€ธ๎€ฝ๎€ณ ๎€พ๎€ต ๎‚๎€พ๎€ฒ๎€ธ๎€ด๎ƒ๎ˆ ๎€พ๎ ๎†๎€ฐ๎ˆ ๎€พ๎€ต ๎€ป๎€ธ๎€ต๎€ด ๎€ธ๎‚ ๎ƒ๎€พ ๎€ฑ๎€ด ๎‚๎„๎‚๎ƒ๎€ฐ

Based on this work de Wittย has developed a worldview test. The test aims atย getting people to think about how theyย view life, the world, nature, theirย fellow human beings, and themselves.

If you would like to learn more your own worldview you can access the test here.

Annick de Wittย (Ph.D.)ย is an author, change-maker, and consultant in the field of cultural and inner transformation for global sustainability. After researching worldviews and culture in an academic context for almost a decade, she now works with societal organizations to use these insights to leverage strategies, optimize communications, and foster more inclusive and creative strategy-development.

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