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Online Course: Transformative Practices

This new online summer course launched by The Integral Without Borders Research centre takes an internal and comprehensive approach to social change. “Interdisciplinary” is indeed the key word to transformation.Read More

From 11th July to 7th August 2016 the Integral Without Borders will be piloting a new online course on “Transdisciplinary and Transformative Practices in Social Change”. The course aims to introduce the participant to transdisciplinary approaches to social change and international development. The course will draw extensively on integral theory, a theory that provides a framework to fuse multiple separate perspectives or disciplines in order to decode complex problems – problems such as those global issues that transcend single scientific theories and cultural contexts. On that account, Ken Wilber, the originator of integral theory, is himself a scientific advisor and board member of Integral Without Borders.

The organizer of the course, Integral Without Borders, seeks to spread a “post-conventional worldview of international development and social change”. In that regard, boosting one’s personal sustainable development or social innovation project at a local level will be the ending point of this journey! It will be achieved through a progressive process of self-identification of the practitioner’s strengths, challenges and purpose.

An article on “Integral adaptation to Climate Change” that Karen O’Brien co-wrote with Gail Hochachka for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice is featured on the required reading list for the course. Integral theory is central to the methodological fundament behind our actions at cChange. Therefore, we would like to recommend anyone interested in this approach to have a look at the course webpage.

The course runs over four weeks and is still open for registration.

Read more about Integral Without Borders.

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