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cCHANGE scenarios in new energy report

cCHANGE has contributed to a new report by the Norwegian state energy agency, Enova, on how Norway can transition to a low-carbon society after 2050.Read More

The report, Det norske lavutslipps-samfunnet etter 2050 (The Norwegian low-emissions society after 2050)  concludes that technology alone will not be enough to achieve a low carbon future – we are dependent on changing the way we organise our lives and societies.

Based on the scenario work of cCHANGE, and four other research groups (Cicero, Nord University, NTNU and Vestlandsforskning/NMBU), the report argues that structural and social innovation will be just as important as technological innovation in the years to come. Developing new ways to understand and provide societal needs and functions, as well as the structural design of our societies, will be essential in the transformation towards a low carbon society that also facilitates a good life for all.

The full report (in Norwegian) can be accessed here.

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