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Deeper collaborations for clean, rich oceans

A new piece by cCHANGE's Leonie Goodwin explores ways we could achieve clean, rich oceans more rapidly.Read More


In September 2016, around thirty eminent Norwegian researchers and leaders in marine resource management met in Bergen, Norway, to discuss how to improve collaborations to make rapid progress on ocean and marine resource management goals in the coming decade.

The participants came from leading marine research institutions and businesses around Norway and Europe, from various Norwegian ministries and government bodies, the Food and Agricultural Organisation, and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, as well as Future Earth’s Ocean Knowledge-Action Network.

The participants explored how can we balance our ambitions and the threats, and move successfully from vision to reality at the scale and speed needed. They discussed many aspects of marine resource management, but kept coming back to the central themes of putting people at the centre of marine resource management work and building more high-quality collaborations .

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Infographic by Angela Morelli, InfoDesignLab
Opening photo: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen via Unsplash