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Leadership workshops

Join our free one-hour livestreamed Introduction to Transformational Leadership for Sustainability on Mon 10th December.Read More


If you work on sustainability and climate-change related projects – in government, education, research, civil society, business, media and communications, the arts, or activism – we invite you to join us.

Meeting the goals and targets of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement calls for unprecedented transformations. These transformations depend on our capacity to design and implement projects that can shift systems and cultures.

World-leading sustainability transformations researcher, Professor Karen O’Brien, will introduce a proven framework for thinking about transformations and systems shifts. This framework was developed by renowned leadership development practitioner and expert, Dr Monica Sharma, Director of Leadership and Capacity Building at the UN for over 20 years.

O’Brien will also touch on how to create impact in your sustainability work, shift systems and cultures, and deliver real sustainable change.

This event will give participants a taste of our Transformational Leadership for Sustainability workshops in 2019, to be led by Dr Sharma and Prof. O’Brien, and will offer participants an opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

Read more about the workshop series here: https://transformational-leadership.no/

This event will be live-streamed on the cCHANGE Facebook page.

Sign-up for the Facebook event here.


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