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13 mayors, 1 change, 30 days

What happens when 13 mayors from around Oslo explore their own personal roles in solving climate change and sustainability challenges?Read More


2019 is an important year for climate and environmental initiatives in the Oslo region, with Oslo being the European Green Capital. 13 mayors from around the Oslo region have decided to take it to the next level, and have joined forces to take a 30-day challenge exploring change and climate change in their own lives.

From the 8th February, the Climate Mayors (Klimaordførerne in Norwegian) have each committed to making one small, sustainable change in their lives for 30 days. They’ll experience ups and downs and hard-hitting comments along the way. There are bound to be days when their personal change experiment seems impossible to carry out.

Just like the rest of us, the mayors will find change hard, annoying and painful, but also intriguing, inspiring and rewarding.

And just like the rest of us they can step up the game, they can play a greater role in addressing climate change. They will experience how one small change can create an awareness of how powerful our influence is on others, and on the systems we create and perpetuate.

The Climate Mayors is a collaborative project between the Oslo Region alliance and cCHANGE with the aim of showcasing and accelerating climate and sustainability initiatives in the Oslo region. The project also aims to show what role individuals can play in transformations towards sustainability.

Read more about the Klimaordførerne project here.



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