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Designing Change with Monica Sharma

How do we design our projects to solve problems, shift systems and activate our own and our community’s potential for change? Read More


At the beginning of June, Dr. Monica Sharma returned to Oslo for the second session of the Transformational Leadership for Sustainability Workshop series. As the participants moved from Being Change in Part 1 to Designing Change, we explored both personal and professional themes, we explored ways to find solutions in problems, and learnt techniques to design sustainability and climate change projects to deliver long-lasting impact.

Sustainable change requires us to work in a different way. It is not only about changing what we do, but how we do it. In this session we explored ways of doing this.




This workshop series aims to equip people working in sustainability with the skills, knowledge and awareness to shift unsustainable systems and cultures. Dr. Monica Sharma is a renowned leadership development practitioner and expert, and author of

‘Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents’. She leads the 9-day workshop series ‘Transformational Leadership for Sustainability’ hosted by cCHANGE. Throughout the workshop, participants explore ways of being, designing and leading sustainable change.

We are looking forward to welcoming Dr. Sharma back, as well as the other facilitators and our courageous participants, to the third and final session in September.

This workshop series was made possible with support from TeknaKlima and the US Embassy in Oslo.



We will soon be announcing our 2020 dates for the second round of the Transformational Leadership for Sustainability workshop series. Join our mailing list and stay informed.


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