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Hear Karen’s talk for climate investors

It's time to invest in a new story! Watch the inspirational talk cCHANGE's Karen O'Brien recently gave at Nysnø's Driva: Climate Investment Meeting 2019 in Stavanger.Read More

In May, Karen was an invited speaker at NySnø’s Driva – Climate Investment Meeting 2019. A day when investors, politicians, technologists and academics with a passion for sustainablity come together for a day of learning and new ideas.

Karen spoke about how a small change in perspective can uncover new investment possibilities and how we can strengthen our ability to address climate change by challenging established truths. Drawing on Paul Hawken’s game changing book, Drawdown, she demonstrated how the climate solutions space is deeper than most people realise and she dared the audience to challenge their own stories.

Watch her talk here (21 mins):

Nysnø is a sovereign climate investment company, administered by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. It invests in companies that provide profitable and smart solutions that address climate change, with the aim of stimulating the development of sustainable businesses and technologies.

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