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Horizon 2020 education project collaboration

Climate change is rapidly transforming our world. What skills, knowledges and tools do students and citizens need to address this challenge? cCHANGE is collaborating on a new EU Horizon 2020 project with partners across Europe to address this.Read More

cCHANGE is one of twelve collaborators in an EU Horizon 2020 project addressing Science Education for Action towards Sustainability (SEAS), a collaborative network involving organisations, businesses, universities and schools across Europe. The project will be led by the University of Oslo Department of Teacher Education and School Research.

The project will coordinate and investigate collaboration between six open schooling networks across Europe, with an aim to

(1) identify best practices for collaboration between open-schooling networks, and
(2) promote the scientific skills required to engage in sustainability challenges.

There is a need for a collaborative network facilitating work on sustainable action through scientific action. In a world where the role of science is increasingly challenged, students and others need to engage with scientific knowledge for social purposes and engage with change.

SEAS aims to bring schools, universities and society closer through their work on sustainable action through scientific education.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 824522.



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