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Webinar on teaching climate change

Profs. Robin Leichenko and Karen O'Brien invite educators, students, and others working with climate change to a webinar on how we can teach the subject in a way that empowers and fosters individual and collective engagement.Read More


Join Robin Leichenko and Karen O’Brien on Tuesday 24 September for a EdWeb.net webinar entitled Teaching Climate Change: An Integrative Approach. 

Drawing on their new textbook, Climate and Society: Transforming the Futurethey will discuss how educators can introduce the topic of climate change in a way that empowers students and fosters their individual and collective engagement with a wide variety of solutions.

This edWebinar will be beneficial for teachers and school leaders who wish to learn more about the issue of climate change, including how it can be made relevant to all subject areas. It will provide information that is useful for the development of teaching materials and lesson plans. Robin and Karen each have more than 25 years of experience in climate change research and are happy to answer questions following their presentation.

The webinar will take place Tuesday, September 24, 2019 @ 4pm-5pm US EDT / 10pm EU CEST.

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