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New book: Our Entangled Future

"Our Entangled Future: Stories to Empower Quantum Social Change" will be launched this month in Santiago, Chile.Read More

We live our lives through stories. They shape how we see the world, how we relate to it, and not the least, how we engage with it. Now more than ever, we need compelling stories that inspire both individual and collective action. The nine short stories presented in Our Entangled Future are rooted in the complex reality of the climate crisis. Rather than painting a dystopic future, they present agency-driven characters whose insights will inspire readers to contemplate and realize the potential for quantum social change.

This book is a good read for anyone who seeks inspiration from ordinary people who have sparked a positive change in society. The co-editors, including cCHANGE’s Karen O’Brien, Ann El Khoury, Nicole Schafenacker and Jordan Rosenfield, will gather in Santiago, Chile, on 15 October to launch this exciting edition to the literature on social change and the natural environment.

Read more and download a copy here.

The stories in this collection transcend the dualistic storytelling structure of “man vs. nature” by presenting collectives that span human and nonhuman relationships. These stories are undoubtedly “quantum” in nature: The characters are entangled with each other and their landscapes, true models of compassion and empathy. Taken together, these stories reverberate with the themes of the Anthropocene and will, in turn, inspire new ways of navigating the future. 
— Amy Brady, Deputy Publisher of Guernica magazine and Editorial Director of the Chicago Review of Books

Available for purchase:
E-book: https://amzn.to/2R22O0a
Paperback: https://amzn.to/2FCPN7Y



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