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Climate change as a relationship problem

Hear cCHANGE's Karen O'Brien talk, together with 25 of the world’s most prominent psychotherapists, researchers, teachers, and transformation experts for the first-ever Collective Trauma Online Summit.Read More

Running over 9 days from 12 – 20 October, this summit will explore different aspects of individual and collective trauma and healing. Karen’s talk, on October 18, will centre on how aspects of trauma and grief relate to climate change and how treating climate change as a relationship problem, could open up powerful. new ways to address it.

Over the 9 days, Karen will join other luminaries in the field such as Bessel van der Kolk, Thomas Hübl, Terry Patten, Christina Bethell, Daniel Siegel, Peter Levine, Claus Otto Scharmer, Ken Wilber and Monica Sharma to explore aspects of this critical, but often unexplored topic.

Explore the unique 9-day programme which will run from the 12-20th October and register here to hear any of the talks for free for 48 hours.



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