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Interview: Changing how we perceive climate change

In a recent interview cCHANGE's Karen O'Brien talked about perceiving climate change as a relationship problem and how we all can play a greater role in contributing to solutions.Read More


cCHANGE’s Karen OĀ“Brien met recently with The Well of Light‘s, Michael Stone, to discuss the power of perceiving climate change as a relationships issue, rather than something external to ourselves. During the 50 minute interview, Karen and Michael explore the more personal side of climate change, linking consciousness with climate science and inviting listeners to think about environmental problems in new ways.

While exploring why climate change is so difficult for humans to grasp, they also discuss how each of us possesses boundless capacity for transformation, inspiration and influence.

Karen highlights the need to go beyond talking about individual actions and carbon emissions, and explores the possibility that the deep transformations needed right now, might depend on our ability to also transform in the personal sphere.

Listen to the interview here.



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