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Collective Trauma Summit interview and transcript available

In her interview with Terry Patten for the Collective Trauma Summit, cCHANGE's Karen O’Brien speaks about creating social change in a time when it can be difficult to accept just how much personal agency each of us has.Read More


In her interview with Terry Patten, Karen O’Brien discusses how we can all effectively search for solutions to climate challenges.

O’Brien acknowledges the overwhelming feeling people can get when thinking about climate change. But she says that this is where we need to look if we want to successfully reverse the effects of climate change. After all she says, climate change is mainly a relationship problem.

As O’Brien explains, the changes are happening faster than expected and unlike anything we have ever experienced before; however, our future is a choice and the solutions are there. By connecting to our values and telling meaningful stories, we can overcome our personal and collective trauma and work towards a hopeful vision.

Instead of just focusing on technical solutions, we can also explore our individual and collective assumptions and how we see the world. Exploring different perspectives on our relationships – to ourselves, to each other and with climate challenges – can lead to empowerment and agency at different levels.

You can watch a video of the interview here and/or read the transcript here.



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