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Evolve interview: Transforming the Transition

cCHANGE's Karen O'Brien was interviewed recently by Evolve magazine in Germany about how we can empower individual agency for rapid systems change when it comes to climate change solutions.Read More


The 25th issue of Evolve “Ende oder Wende” (The End or the Turn) discusses how the climate crisis effectively forces new beginnings.

In her interview (in German), Karen speaks about empowering individual agency and transforming our mindsets around what we personally can achieve.

She highlights that climate change can be seen as a relationship issue – between ourselves, and between people and nature, as well as the future and the systems we live in. Currently, most actions to address climate change focus on the practical sphere of innovation, measurement and individual behavioural change, but Karen argues that the political and personal spheres are equally important and crucial for achieving our collective goals. Seeing individuals as subjects with their own agency rather than objects to be changed, can help society generate the rapid systemic transformations called for by the science.

Karen highlights that realizing that we are more important than we sometimes think and understanding our impact in entangled relationships, in particular with the Earth’s system, can lead to extraordinary transformations.

Evolve is the German journal for awareness and culture and is published quarterly. It aims to demonstrate new perspectives of a world inspired by possibilities and provide a space for dialogues around shaping the future.

Karen’s interview appears in Issue 25: Ende oder Wende.



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