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Mission Vestlandet: Taking Transformational Leadership to Bergen

How exciting to gather people with diverse backgrounds in Bergen this week. What’s on the agenda? Well, nothing less than how to achieve a sustainable and equitable world! Read More

The room is full of participants that are committed to creating deep and lasting change in their sectors and communities. There is the business leader, the entrepreneur, the politician, the artist, the academic, the manager, the financial advisor, the teacher, and the activist. They range in age from 17 to 78, and are Norwegian, Indian, Swedish, German, Finnish, and American, They are here to unleash the greatest potential in themselves and the work they do.

We are on the West Coast of Norway. This is not a coincidence. Sparebanken Vest, our partner in this workshop, is eager to see the region lead in the much-needed transformation to sustainability. The expertise and capacity found in Vestlandet are important parts of the solution to the challenges we are facing.

We have been welcomed by extreme weather, reminding us why it is important to take action on climate change and sustainability issues.

Working closely with Dr Monica Sharma, a renowned leadership development practitioner and expert,  over the course of the next three months 65 participants will learn principles, templates and tools that can be used to turn passion into action and create measurable short- and long-term sustainable change. Dr. Monica Sharma says:

The transformational leadership for sustainability learning in action program is about you and I. It’s about you and I manifesting our full potential for what we deeply care about, for our planet, our people.

This is the second time that cCHANGE has brought Dr. Monica Sharma to Norway for Transformational Leadership for Sustainability.. On the decision to bring the workshop series to Western Norway, professor Karen O’Brien says: “The West Coast of Norway has the potential to lead in sustainability transformations.  Transformational Leadership for Sustainability shows us how to realize our potential to shift systems and cultures and create a thriving world .

Transformational Leadership for Sustainability 2020 is in collaboration with Sparebanken Vest, Tekna Klima and Radical Transformational Leadership.



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