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Doughnut Economics as a framework for transformation

How can we transform the way we live and the society we are part of so that we stay within the limits of the planet we live on? Join us for this digital SoTalk on Thur 8 Oct to explore Doughnut Economics as a framework for transformation and how a city like Oslo could work with such a model.Read More

The Guardian commentator George Monbiot has said that Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics will change the world, because it is a framework that changes the goal of economic activity from growth and control to meeting human basic needs within the limits of our planet. Amsterdam is well on its way to downscaling the model and using it as a map for transformation into a sustainable city.

Join cCHANGE’s Dina Hestad, Einar Wilhelmsen from the Finance Department of Oslo kommune, and Marie Indrelid Winsvold from Hav Eiedom for a webinar at 14:00 CET on Thursday 8 October to explore:
– What the Doughnut Economics model can mean for Norwegian cities and places?
– How can this framework be used and contribute to the municipalities’ restructuring work?

Dina will provide an introduction to Doughnut Economics and discuss how such a framework can be used in the Norwegian context. Dina has a Doctorate in Geography and Environment from the University of Oxford, with a focus on how to organize and realize transformations towards regenerative sustainability in cities.

We will also hear from Einar Wilhelmsen, from the Finance Depaortment at Oslo City Council, who will talk about the municipality’s work with the transition to a sustainable city; and the Sustainability Director at Hav Eiendom, Marie Indrelid Winsvold, will talk about how Hav Eiendom has developed Grønlikaia and Fjordbyen with the doughnut model as a starting point.

This SoTalk webinar is co-hosted by SoCentral, the Nordic Hub for Social Innovation, and cCHANGE. Registration is open to all. This event will be in Norwegian.

Learn more and register here.

Artwork: cottonbro on pexels.com

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