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New “Sustainability Science” article

How can educators teach tertiary students about how large-scale transformations to sustainability occur and help them perceive an active role for themselves in these efforts?Read More
Many university students want to understand and engage in climate change solutions, but they often struggle to see how they can really “make a difference.” So can educators help students see an active role for themselves in these efforts?
In this new Sustainability Science article, Robin Leichenko, Irmelin Gram-Hanssen, and Karen O’Brien argue that it is possible to teach the “how” of transformation at the tertiary level.
The authors experimented with a learning process that included the use of an integrated model of transformation in combination with an active learning experiment (the cCHALLENGE) and found that the approach:
(1) increased the students’ understanding of transformation and their sense that transformative change is possible;
(2) enhanced the students’ sense of their own agency and ability to make a difference; and,
(3) helped the students find their role in the transformative change process.
Read more and download the article for free: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11625-021-00964-5
This article is a product of the AdaptationCONNECTS project at the Department of Human Geography at the University of Oslo. Funded by Norges forskningsråd.
Photo: UiO/Anders Lien

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