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Transformations workshop with Chilean ministry

The new government of the Republic of Chile is working for an ecological constitution and the potential is enormous for restoring nature and bringing about transformative change. We got a glimpse into what they burn for and how they will create deep and lasting change.Read More

The newly elected government in Chile, lead by the President Gabriel Boric, has environmental and climate change issues at the top of its agenda. Appointed to lead this work is Minister of the Environment Maisa Rojas, a renowned climate scientist and contributor to the work of the UNFCCC and the IPCC.

In these very first months of office, Rojas has been focusing on how to both respond to the enormous ecological challenges facing the country and at the same time realize the potential that exists for creative and innovative transformation. As part of this work, cCHANGE’s co-founder Karen O’Brien and Paulina Aldunce, both recognized researchers and transformations experts, hosted a two-hour workshop for the Ministry of the Environment in late April.

The theme of the workshop “the how-to of transformation for sustainability” was an integrated part of a longer workshop with the aim of exploring what transformations could look like in the Chilean context and also generate alignment across different perspectives to realize the biggest potential for transformative change.

Image: L-R: Karen O’Brien, Paulina Aldunce, and Maisa Rojas

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