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Leonie Goodwin, Author at cChange

New report on biodiversity and transformations

How can we bring about equitable and ethical transformations that support a sustainable and thriving world? Read our new report on biodiversity, climate change and transformations for the Norwegian Environment Agency where we take a closer look at transformative change in response to the interrelated issues of climate change and biodiversity loss.Read More

Being change

What do universal values, listening and speaking have to do with sustainability? Last week, Dr. Monica Sharma explored embodying the change you want to see with participants during our first session of ‘Transformational Leadership for Sustainability’ in Oslo.Read More

COAL Prize 2016

Is climate change a cultural challenge, one that requires imaginative and creative responses capable of transforming the current environmental paradigm? The COAL Prize seeks to answer that question.Read More

Hands On – Women, Climate, Change

In this documentary, five women from four continents demonstrate their unique ways of dealing with climate change through specific type of actions, producing the much needed “hands-on” strategies in local environments around the world.
Read More

Transformations workshop with Chilean ministry

The new government of the Republic of Chile is working for an ecological constitution and the potential is enormous for restoring nature and bringing about transformative change. We got a glimpse into what they burn for and how they will create deep and lasting change.Read More

RegenNarration podcast

How does conscious social transformation happen? How do we engage the highest leverage points? How do we take care of each other in the process? And can this really enable us to achieve the 1.5 degree Paris Agreement target?Read More

Award for research excellence

cCHANGE’s co-founder Karen O’Brien is the recipient of the 2019 Research Excellence Award from the American Association of Geographers’ Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group.Read More

Game changing book

Our close partner, leadership development expert Monica Sharma, draws on more than twenty years of working for the UN and beyond to present a radical new approach to leadership.Read More

Breakfast seminar in Oslo

Join Oslo climate leader Heidi Sørensen and renowned climate change researchers Profs. Kevin Anderson and Karen O´Brien for a free breakfast seminar discussing the possibilities for radical emissions reductions in Oslo. Read More

Food Forever interview

Karen O’Brien was interviewed for the recently published award-winning recipe book, Food Forever. She spoke about the important role chefs play in sustainability transformations.Read More

A climate scientist in a time of crisis

The Norwegian paper Klassekampen recently did an interview featuring Karen O’Brien. Karen is reflecting on how she ended up as a climate scientist and in Norway, and her passion for transformation toward sustainability. With permission from Klassekampen read the full interview. Read More

cCHALLENGE 2016 is on!

Today 20 participants will begin an experiment with change. This cCHALLENGE not only coincides with the launch of the new cchallenge.no website, but it is also being pitched as one of 12 climate solutions for the city of Oslo.Read More