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Game changing book

Our close partner, leadership development expert Monica Sharma, draws on more than twenty years of working for the UN and beyond to present a radical new approach to leadership.Read More

Breakfast seminar in Oslo

Join Oslo climate leader Heidi Sørensen and renowned climate change researchers Profs. Kevin Anderson and Karen O´Brien for a free breakfast seminar discussing the possibilities for radical emissions reductions in Oslo. Read More

cCHANGE Down Under Tour

It started with an invitation to talk at a world music festival in Adelaide, Australia. And the result is a cCHANGE tour of Australia talking about adaptation, transformation, and people as the solution to climate change. Read More

A climate scientist in a time of crisis

The Norwegian paper Klassekampen recently did an interview featuring Karen O’Brien. Karen is reflecting on how she ended up as a climate scientist and in Norway, and her passion for transformation toward sustainability. With permission from Klassekampen read the full interview. Read More

What if…

In a WIREs opinion piece, O’Brien suggests that we may be underestimating our capacity to transform society at the rate and scale that is called for by climate change science and mandated by the 2015 Paris Agreement.Read More

Reflections on change

The cCHALLENGE project is in its final week after 30 days of change experiments. In this article Karen O´Brien writes about the power of experience and reflections, and how this relates to the cCHALLENGE journey.Read More

Transformations2015 Conference

The Conference “Transformations2015 – people and the planet in the Anthropocene” will take place 5-7 October 2015, Stockholm, Sweden. This conference will gather diverse perspectives, cutting-edge knowledge and experience on transformations to sustainability. Read More

ARTCOP21: A climate festival

People and organizations within culture and arts are invited to participate in ArtCOP21, a festival leading up to the UN climate negotiations (COP21) in Paris in December. Events of all sorts can take place both in Paris and worldwide. Read More

Integral Theory Conference July 16-19

The world’s largest academic conference devoted to the field of Integral Theory and practice will take place in San Francisco, USA, this summer. cCHANGE is contributing with a keynote on “Integral in Action: Climate Change and Transformations to Sustainability.”Read More

Planetary boundaries and social change

Want to learn more about planetary boundaries and the need for social transformations? The Great Transition Initiative has hosted an interesting conversation this spring. Start with Johan Rockströms essay and continue with a total of 8 commentaries. Read More

A research agenda for the world

Transformation to Sustainability is one of three priority areas for scientific research are in the next 3-5 years. Future Earth has launched its “Strategic Research Agenda” as a blueprint for how to address global change and collaborate more effectively on 21st century challenges.Read More

The Oslo Extreme Dialogue

Gathering leading experts, decision makers, business leaders and activists on climate change, disaster risk reduction and social responses the Oslo Extreme Dialogue made new grounds for building bridges between current actions and future outcomes. Watch the short clip or the full dialogue and get inspired.Read More

UGEC Conference, 6-8 Nov, Taiwan

The research community on urbanization and global environmental change is gathering at this large international conference in Taiwan. From diverse perspective the Century of the City will be discussed in relation to global challenges. Read More

Transformation 2013: Proceedings

This newly released proceedings contains 27 papers on different themes of transformation and climate change. The diversity of approaches presented attest to the need for integrated research on transformation to sustainability. Read More

Future Earth Initial Design Report

The exciting new 10-year global change research initiative known as Future Earth has published its initial design report. The report outlines a research strategy focusing on three themes; Dynamic Planet, Global Development and Transformations to Sustainability.

Read More

RegenNarration podcast

How does conscious social transformation happen? How do we engage the highest leverage points? How do we take care of each other in the process? And can this really enable us to achieve the 1.5 degree Paris Agreement target?Read More

Award for research excellence

cCHANGE’s co-founder Karen O’Brien is the recipient of the 2019 Research Excellence Award from the American Association of Geographers’ Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group.Read More

Food Forever interview

Karen O’Brien was interviewed for the recently published award-winning recipe book, Food Forever. She spoke about the important role chefs play in sustainability transformations.Read More

Hal Wilhite with hard-hitting new book

A new book has caught our attention. In it author Professor Harold Wilhite explains how our unsustainable behaviours emerged from the values of capitalism, and why those behaviours remain just so difficult to change. Simen Pettersen in cCHANGE interviewed Professor Wilhite on the matter.Read More

What is your worldview?

Worldviews are the very foundation for how we view global problems and solutions. Take a 7 minute worldview-test, developed by Annik de Witt, and learn more about your own worldview.Read More

Report: Collaboration for new growth

This report looks at the kind of leadership needed to make collaborations succeed in times of complex global challenges. It builds on in-depth interviews with 39 leaders who have a track record of creating successful collaborations. Read More

What was it about Mandela?

The late Nelson Mandela was a unique kind of leader. According to Senge and colleagues he was a system leader – a person who could catalyze collective leadership. In «The Dawn of System Leadership» they give insights on what it takes to be a great leader.Read More

New Climate Adaptation Book

The “Climate Change Adaptation and Development: Transforming Paradigms and Practices” book takes a critical look at adaptation and the need for social transformations in a changing climate. Climate change is both a problem for and of development. Read More

Transformative Knowledge Workshop

Talks on social transformations held at the ISSC workshop in Potsdam in mid-November 2014 are now available. In these talks the social science knowledge base on transformation is presented from different perspectives. Also learn more about the ISSC Transformation to Sustainability Program. Read More

Free online-course for change leaders

Metaintegral Academy is organizing the free online mini-course on “Vital skills for thriving in a wild, complex world”, October 13-16, 2014. The course is for those change leaders who looks for inspiration, tools and approaches to navigate complex change and unlock deep capacities. Read More

New energy needs new rules

“Worldwide, Germany is being held up as a model, cited by environmental activists as proof that a transformation of the global energy system is possible.” Justin Gillis of the New York Times reports on the transformation of the German electricity sector towards clean energy, and the wider implications for other countries and globally.Read More

IPCC Report

The impacts of climate change can be observed all over the world, and with current emission levels we will be facing increased risks in the future. It is time to start thinking about transformations, including both adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development.Read More

World Social Science Report 2013

Presenting cutting edge social science perspectives on global environmental change this report is unique. The report issues an urgent appeal to the social sciences to intensify and broaden research on all aspects of the sustainability crisis.Read More

Being change

What do universal values, listening and speaking have to do with sustainability? Last week, Dr. Monica Sharma explored embodying the change you want to see with participants during our first session of ‘Transformational Leadership for Sustainability’ in Oslo.Read More

A Gift for a Change

Special day at work! cCHANGE just received a gift of NOK 700 000 from the Savings Bank Foundation DNB. The funds will be used to engage and empower children and youth in climate solutions. Read More


MEET THE STARTUPS is Vibbio’s video series on notable Norwegian start-ups. The latest installment features an excellent bite-sized introduction to cCHANGE. We want to inspire and engage people as the solution to climate change. If you have a minute (and six seconds) to view the YouTube video!Read More

COAL Prize 2016

Is climate change a cultural challenge, one that requires imaginative and creative responses capable of transforming the current environmental paradigm? The COAL Prize seeks to answer that question.Read More

cCHALLENGE 2016 is on!

Today 20 participants will begin an experiment with change. This cCHALLENGE not only coincides with the launch of the new cchallenge.no website, but it is also being pitched as one of 12 climate solutions for the city of Oslo.Read More

Hands On – Women, Climate, Change

In this documentary, five women from four continents demonstrate their unique ways of dealing with climate change through specific type of actions, producing the much needed “hands-on” strategies in local environments around the world.
Read More

Our Common Future, 7-10 July, Paris

More than 2000 people are gathering at the “Our Common Future under Climate Change” Conference, 7-10 July, to take stock of climate change knowledge and discuss the solutions space for an sustainable and equitable future. Karen O´Brien will be giving a keynote July 8. Read More

Course: Leading change by Leading Self

In this two day leadership course participants will learn and experience the importance of self and personal change in dealing with hyper-complex problems such as for example climate change. Takes place 4-5 June, 2015 in Stockholm. Read More

Transformations2015: Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts to the Transformations2015 conference, taking place 5-7 October, 2015, in Stockholm, Sweden, is now open. If you want to present your work and join the discussion on transformations you should submit an abstract before April 7. Read More

Online Leadership Course

In the course “Climate Leader”, by Climate Interactive, you learn to address climate change through using systems thinking. Good insights on interconnections, big picture, leverage points, effective leadership and responses, and system change. Read More

Climate Festival in Norway

Manifestations of climate change and the lack of political will is increasingly mobilizing people around the world. This is also happening in oil rich Norway. In the Climate Festival §112 people around the country are invited to learn more about climate change and solutions. Read More

IPCC Synthesis Report

The IPCC launches the most precise and strongest report on the science of climate change to date. The Synthesis report is now out. The IPCC has shown the way to limit climate change and build a more prosperous, sustainable future. With this at hand decision makers and stakeholders at all levels, in all sectors, can make informed decisions on climate change. Read More

Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures

The International Transdisciplinary Conference “Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: theories, policies, practices” takes place 6-8 May 2015 in Helsinki. The overall theme is the roles and meanings of culture in sustainable development. The call for session and paper proposals are now open. Read More

What We Know

This report assesses why climate change is such a serious problem and why urgent emissions reductions are needed. In 20 pages hard hitting key messages about climate change is presented by the scientists in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read More

New Funding Program

A new and exciting funding program on Transformation to Sustainability has been launched by the International Social Science Council. With two calls this year the program aims at lifting the social science contribution in global change research. Read More

Turning challenges into opportunities

The Vision 2050 report takes a refreshingly pro-active look at what global environmental challenges mean for business. For 18 months, 29 major global corporations were brought together in a project under the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to discuss what the world could look like in 2050. Read More