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The cCHALLENGE is a transformative experience that inspires and empowers individuals to engage with climate change solutions. By committing to a 30-day personal experiment carried out in small groups, participants will better understand the relationship between personal change and systemic change, and see where and how they can make a difference.

Visit the new cCHALLENGE pages: http://cchallenge.no

Change the world

The cCHALLENGE makes use of the most powerful solution to climate change that exists – people! By focusing on one small, conscious change, individuals begin to see that their actions and words do make a difference. While the change itself may not be directly related to the climate problem, the cCHALLENGE shows people that they do consciously and unconsciously inspire and influence each other, and how the ripple effects of conversations and actions can affect attitudes and responses to climate change in non-linear ways.

The cCHALLENGE transforms the way that individuals “see” change and experience their potential as agents of change. A key realization coming out of the cCHALLENGE is that individual action is collective action.

30 days of change

The cCHALLENGE invites individuals and groups to take part in a 30-day personal change experiment. Starting with a single, conscious change, the cCHALLENGE provides individuals with information, experiences and insights so that they can contribute to transformational change. Seeing the connections between personal change, collective change, and systems change, it becomes clear that words and actions do matter — but not always in the way that we think! Are you interested? Get in touch: cchallenge@cchange.no.


A series of pilot cCHALLENGEs took place in Norway in 2014/2015. Read about the experiences of the 34 participants (in Norwegian only)

cCHALLENGE pilot round 1
cCHALLENGE pilot round 2
cCHALLENGE pilot round 3