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The cCHANGE Challenge

Contributing to a great transformation

Twelve people have chosen to take the  cCHANGE Challenge, committing themselves to a personal change experiment for 30 days. They will experience how easy or difficult it is to change, and reflect on the relationship between individual and systemic change. Follow along Рit may transform the way you see change! 

30 days of change

There are unlimited ways to contribute to a more sustainable world. It might be “I won’t eat meat” or “I’ll take public transport,”¬†or¬†“I will recycle.” But¬†it might also be “I’ll set aside some time each day to be creative.‚ÄĚ The cCHANGE Challenge invites individuals and groups to take¬†part in¬†a 30-day personal change experiment.¬†¬†The selected change should be a stretch, yet something that is possible to do.¬†The point is that¬†committing to a single change can influence how we experience change, and help us to better understand how we can personally and politically contribute to a great transformation.

Below you will meet the first twelve participants in the cCHANGE Challenge. Over the period  betweeen November 20 -December 19, 2014, they will share their experiences, frustrations, and insights  on their individual pages.  While the reflections are in Norwegian, the cCHANGE Challenge will expand internationally in 2015 to support a global transformation  to sustainability. Stay tuned!

Change the world

How do¬†we transform at the rate and scale that is needed to address climate change? It is a big and important question, and there is no lack of proposed solutions. Many point to individual change and behavioral change as the answer, with solutions like¬†“ride a bicycle, recycle, turn off lights and reduce consumption”. Others point to a need for systemic changes, such as more bicycle lanes, better incentives for renewable energy, or expanded public transport. Still others point to the need for a change in our values and worldviews.

Our hypothesis is that social change is a non-linear process that can be scaled up quickly and easily when enough individuals consciously engage with change. The cCHANGE Challenge aims to generate conversations  about change and insights on social transformations that can change the world.

cCHANGE Challenge is supported by the Norwegian Environmental Agency.


Meet the CCHANGE

CHALLENGE Participants

Learn about their challenges and insights

Sigrun-Nilsen Will-Nicholson Kari-Ryan John-Richard

Sigrun Brustad Nilsen

Will Nicholson 

Kari Ryan  

John Richard Hanssen

My cChallenge: 
2 hours a day without electricity
My cChallenge: 
Reduce car driving by 50%
My cChallenge: 
Meat-free meals for me and my family
My cChallenge: 
Bring my lunch to work
Mette-Newth Oerjan-Johansen Anne-Karin-Jortveit Arild-Hjermstad

Mette Newth

√ėrjan Zazzera Johansen

Anne Karin Jortveit

Arild Hermstad 

My cChallenge: 
Reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible
My cChallenge: 
No driving to work
My cChallenge: 
Reduce personal consumption: 30 days x 30 NOK
My cChallenge: 
Meat-free meals for me and my family
Maria-Sand Hiwa-Mayi Mette-Boe-Lyngstad Nimra-Batool

Maria Sand

Hiwa Mayi

Mette B√łe Lyngstad

Nimra Batool

Min cChallenge: 
Do something creative for 1 hour each morning
My cChallenge:
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
My cChallenge: 
No plastic bags when shopping
My cChallenge: 
Composting food waste