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A Changing Environment for Human Security

Human Security in a Changing Environment_fullA Changing Environment for Human Security: Transformative approaches to research, policy and action, edited by Linda Sygna, Karen O’Brien and Johanna Wolf (2013, Routledge/Earthscan).

This book explores the relationship between environmental change and human security. A total of 38 chapters presents fresh perspectives on global environmental change from an interdisciplinary group of international experts. Building on cutting edge research the chapters in this book call for new, transformative approaches to research, policy and actions. Critical analyses, case studies and reflections on  contemporary environmental and social challenges provide a reality check, but the Authors then describe the breakthrough conditions that underlie transformative approaches to human security, which include perspectives, paradigms, empowerment and integration.


We live in a time where we risk falling into an inevitability trap, believing that environmental change can no longer be addressed, or that human insecurity is an inevitable “fact of life.” There is, however, much evidence of an emerging capacity to deliberately transform that which has traditionally been thought of as the responsibility of others. … In the story we have presented in this book, humans are the protagonists of change, able to create human security as a choice, and able to thrive in a changing world. (Wolf et al. 2013)

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