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Creative Intelligence

 Creative IntelligenceCreative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire by Bruce Nussbaum (2013, Harper Business)

This book offers a deeper look into creativity and its potential to generate innovative change. Moving beyond the characteristic of creativity as a ‘trait’, Nussbaum explores how it emerges through collaboration, and how it can thrive within a social context. He describes five competencies of creative intelligence, pulling out the common thread of interconnectivity as the key source of creativity, arguing that “we increase our creative ability by learning from others, collaborating, sharing” (p. 31).



small_symbol_cChangePerhaps the biggest untapped challenge in addressing climate change is to mobilize our creative intelligence to come up with new ways of seeing both problems and solutions.

“When technological, political, and environmental shifts threaten the status quo, what we need most are the tools to make things sharply different, radically new. We need to be less incremental and much more creative.” (p. 27)


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