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Transformation in a changing climate 

Climate change is considered by many to be the greatest challenge to humanity. How do we meet this challenge?

cCHANGE offers both a platform and services to help understand the potential for transformation as a deliberate response to climate change. 

Our goal is to empower individuals and groups with the knowledge, skills and tools to generate ethical and sustainable transformations in a changing climate.


The Transformative Role of Art

Artist Tone Bjordam demonstrates how art has the unique power to communicate complex science, articulate and visualize solutions, engage new audiences, and empower artists themselves. One of her sculpture installations, now hanging in a barn in the woods surrounding Oslo, can be watched in this video.

Down Under Tour

It started with an invitation to talk at a world music festival in Adelaide, Australia. And the result is a cCHANGE tour of Australia talking about adaptation, transformation, and people as the solution to climate change. Read More


MEET THE STARTUPS is Vibbio’s video series on notable Norwegian start-ups. The latest installment features an excellent bite-sized introduction to cCHANGE. We want to inspire and engage people as the solution to climate change. If you have a minute (and six seconds) to view the YouTube video!Read More