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Transformation in a changing climate 

Climate change is considered by many to be the greatest challenge to humanity. How do we meet this challenge?

We believe people everywhere are ready for a change and ready to be part of the solution. Activating people’s potential for social change, enables them to become the most powerful solution to our shared problems, including climate change.

cCHANGE offers knowledge, services and powerful experiential tools to help people understand the potential for transformation as a deliberate response to complex challenges. Our goal is to empower individuals and groups with the knowledge, skills and tools to generate ethical and sustainable transformations. 

Our knowledge, insights, and tools are backed by over 25 years of cutting-edge, world-leading research.



Discover the most powerful solution to climate change

Based on decades of research, cCHALLENGE is a powerful and fun experiment with change that builds a culture of engagement and change within groups and organisations. Participants commit to one change for 30 days and reflect on what it means for them, for others, and the bigger picture. 


The three spheres of transformation

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From Probabilities to Possibilities



Our vision

cCHANGE works for conscious change, creative change and collaborative change to involve everyone in transformations to sustainability: